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Amassing disparate references to spark user curiosity.


Exploring goals, trajectory,

& pinch points.


Pulling whimsy from

the zeitgeist to sew

intrigue & intent.

Project planning & production management through all stages of hatching concept to reality.


Mentoring & shepherding the creative process to evoke the best from everyone involved.


Client & stakeholder liaison to

elegantly espouse & present

key concepts & strategies.

Harmonizing compiled

references & collateral to

speak on-brand & on-strategy.


Brainstorming & iterating;

inspiring & motivating teams.


Cutting through the fluff

with data-driven insights.

Editorial, time-based eye honed from artistic fundamentals.


Pedigree of platform-agnostic motion design & keen attention to detail culminates in award-winning experiences &

KPI-exceeding results.




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How I ideate:


My experience ranges the full gamut from film to interactive,  VR to projection to SnapChat.

I am at home crafting superb experiences within any delivery mechanism / outlet channel.


Please continue seeing more of my work below.

Happy to further discuss any specifics on projects, aspects, or creative process therein.

UI/UX Reel

I have a broad background in code-based animation, and wrote all of the front-end UI code for the examples below.

I've animated  in AS3/Java (+ Greensock), HTML5, proprietary mobile platforms, AE scripting, even some Processing.

I understand responsive/adaptive design and can navigate CSS to interface smoothly with devs / troubleshoot projects.

I'm a quick study–picking up new tools/programs/languages very swiftly when needed.

I am looking to parlay my skills further into AR/VR design.


My most-recent interactive project:  a choose-your-own-adventure series for Snuggle fabric softener.

The screen-captured examples below are from a few years back, as my recent campaigns have been  video content.

For a more extensive look at my abilities, please see my client work gallery and general reel above.

Seek even more granularity?  View specific cutdowns here:

Corporate-style interactive reel   –   Entertainment/Children's interactive reel

Collin Holmes:  12+ years generating award-winning content for top-tier clients, across all delivery channels & verticals w/ measurable success. Deep understanding of branding, engagement, & demo targeting. Acute sense of pacing, light/color, aesthetic design (motion+still), typography, interactivity, & storytelling. Adept team leadership/project mgmt. Fine Arts BG.


I get along with everyone & love pushing creative limits in editing, animation(code+keyframe), UI/UX, interactive, & immersive–

wrangling out-there ideas into successful campaigns & surpassing expectations of teams, clients, stakeholders.


Select client list:  Budweiser, Snuggle, Toyota, Disney, HP, Fisher-Price, GE, MasterCard, L'Oréal, Chase, Quaker, Bon Appétit.

Lauded externally by Ad Age, PromaxBDA, & the Addy Awards.

Cross-platform experience in Luxury/Fashion, Entertainment, CPG,

Food/Beverage, Health & Beauty,  Automotive, and Pharma verticals.


Let's work together to build something new.



Let's make beautiful things together!  K thx.


✸   collin.holmes@gmail.com    407.927.2227  


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