Snuggle Island - Choose Your Adventure


We lost Snuggle Bear! Sun Laundry's interactive 7-part choose your own adventure video series invited viewers to track down Snuggle Bear while winning coupons and introducing the line of tropical-scented fabric softeners. Paid media drove customers to a custom landing page for the interactive video series on Snuggle's website (desktop & mobile deployment).


The campaign has ended, but you can play along below! Just select the corresponding videos to your adventure choices as you go. (The original campaign page handled interactivity within a single player, and a wrong turn in the story would loop you back into the first-round choice.)



Tasks: Edit, Compositing Effects, Color,

Interactivity & Mobile Delivery Consultant

Agency: VaynerMedia

Start the adventure; find Snuggle Bear!

+  continue the adventure below!

Original Snuggle Island

Landing Page


Continue the Adventure Below!

Head to the Sandcastles

Talk to the Lifeguard

Talk to the Treasure Hunter

Follow the Paw Prints

Run with the Lifeguard

Talk to the Fisherman

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