Fisher-Price – Share the Joy


Challenge:  Break through the seasonal clutter of toy advertising by creating engaging

spots that show off a variety of toys & that speak to broad audiences, while prompting

repeated views, shares, & engagement.


Solution:  Toy ads often solely target kids to pester their parents. Our team wanted to

instead create an emotional story that targeted adults as well; something they could share.

Our internal team worked with Weber Shandwick, Oscar nominated DP Svetlana Cvetko,

& composer Billy Mallery to transform well known holiday songs with new lyrics into

engaging, fun spots with strong narrative arcs–a much broader reach than the initial RFP.


The three holiday spots were viewed & shared millions of times, exhausted the coupon

campaign in roughly 1/4 of the expected time frame, & were cited by Ad Age as a crucial

element to our client PR firm being newly recognized as a top-ten advertising agency.

Storyboard Example - Imaginext

Our talented storyboard illustrator helped bring our team's concept briefs to life.

Each frame includes direction & which lyric is heard.

From here, animatics were created to dial in pacing.

Concept-to-Completion Examples

I oversaw the technical effect staging while on set

& created the environmental effects for the final videos.


Final Fisher-Price Ads

Each targets a different age group / toy set:

Laugh & Learn, Little People, & Imaginext


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